Proper way of Double Knife-Hand Back Stance Sticky

  • Empty your thoughts
  • Set your eyes to the horizon
  • Relax facial muscles
  • Loosen your shoulders
  • Drop your elbows
  • Bend your front wrist at a 90 Degree angle
  • Make your rear palm parallel with the ground
  • Relax your chest
  • Feel a gentle pressure on your lower abdomen
  • Straighten your spine and slightly pull your tailbone in
  • Bend both your knees comfortably
  • Equalize your body's weight between both feet
  • Have your body's center of gravity drop under the anus
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Hardest Working Students Award Ceremony


On September 13th a special event - Hardest Working Students – was held at Yoo’s Martial Arts in Tarrytown. Out of approximately 50 pewees (4 - 7 year olds), 10 were selected to participate in a special event along with their parents. The event gave these students an opportunity to shine and demonstrate their progress and unique skills developed throughout the year. Read more about Hardest Working Students Award Ceremony

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Martial Arts Can Help You To Be Safe

martial arts

You should check over what you can expect when you get into martial arts. That way, you can get an idea as to what you are able to gain when you practice this kind of thing. Here you will get some more information so you can get started. Read more about Martial Arts Can Help You To Be Safe

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