Master Yoo's Self Defense Techniques Sticky


Groin Kick

No. 1
Useful when opponent is in open stance (feet even). Apply front snap kick using instep of foot, targeting the genitals. Be sure to apply full snap and stay at safe distance by leaning upper body backwards as you perform the kick.

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Proper way of Double Knife-Hand Back Stance Sticky

  • Empty your thoughts
  • Set your eyes to the horizon
  • Relax facial muscles
  • Loosen your shoulders
  • Drop your elbows
  • Bend your front wrist at a 90 Degree angle
  • Make your rear palm parallel with the ground
  • Relax your chest
  • Feel a gentle pressure on your lower abdomen
  • Straighten your spine and slightly pull your tailbone in
  • Bend both your knees comfortably
  • Equalize your body's weight between both feet
  • Have your body's center of gravity drop under the anus
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2014 October Black Belt Test Sticky


taekwondo black belt

1.Candidates Meeting:

Thurs. 09/11/14 at 7:10PM
*Candidates under 18 years must attend with parents
*Fair Lawn NJ Location will be announced separately

2. Special Classes:

(Will be held at Tarrytown Location)
Sat. 09/27/14 Time: 12:30–1:30PM
Fri. 10/03/14 Time: 8:00–9:00PM
Sat. 10/04/14 Time: 12:30–3:00PM
Fri. 10/10/14 Time: 8:00–9:30PM Read more about 2014 October Black Belt Test

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Benefits of Family Class - Fair Lawn, NJ


Family Class is helpful to create better relationships between siblings. They train together and are frequently reminded of the importance of their companionship. Many family class students have shown improvement in their ability to "talk it out" rather then "yell it out" or even worse "fight it out". Family class is open to Children and Adults and can be a wonderful activity for students of all ages. Read more about Benefits of Family Class - Fair Lawn, NJ

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Martial Arts | Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Martial arts

Martial arts are a fantastic way of getting out there and becoming active without getting hurt. These are the problems that can cause the most issues for those who want solution in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle, being safe, and just working out a bit. What can be done in this regard that is going to do the trick? Martial arts is often deemed as the best way forward for those who want to get the most out of their time spent working out or just learning new tricks that could come in handy. Read more about Martial Arts | Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

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