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The Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

When many people think about the martial arts the first thing that they think about is how it can teach a person self-defense skills. Being able to defend oneself against an attack is a very important thing and a very important skill to have. A person’s survival and well-being can count on it. Besides being a great way to learn self-defense skills there are many other reasons why a person might be interested in tae kwon do.

Tae kwon do has many benefits and it isn’t just about fighting and defending yourself. For children, tae kwon do can help them develop self-esteem, discipline and learning how to listen. If you take a look at many tae kwon do classes they instill a lot of values that children truly need to develop. Respect for your elders, learning how to take your time and being patient, learning how to participate with others, helping build others up as well as yourself and many things that children need to know.

Tae kwon do is also a great way to get into good physical shape. Tae kwon do is a wonderful workout and many people benefit from the health benefits that tae kwon do offers. With tae kwon do you learn a lot of different types of punches, kicks and cardiovascular exercise. All of these maneuvers help to develop the body into something that is strong, flexible and that has a ton of endurance.

Tae kwon do is also a martial art where a person is not likely to easily get injured while training it. Tae kwon do instructors know how to teach the various maneuvers in a very safe manner and when it comes to sparring safety equipment is worn and there are restrictions on the type of techniques that can be used. So it is a great way to learn self-defense, get fit, learn a lot of positive values without injuring oneself.

For someone who has children or for even an adult who wants to get off the couch and get into shape it is a very good martial art to learn. It will get you in to shape very fast, it will improve your confidence, you will meet a ton of like-minded people who are trying to achieve the same things for themselves and for their children. It is a great activity to do for the entire family. It teaches practical skills and it helps develop a person in a very good way.



taekwondo training


HAANG represents a frame. It is stable, simulating the parts of our lives that are basically unchanging and predictable. To illustrate, picture the rising of the sun and moon. They follow a specific pattern and we know, for instance, that the every 29 days the shape of the moon will be identical (whether full, new, waning crescent or waxing crescent). However we recognize that there is change within Haang. The moon changes shape, and the seasons change. However, these changes follow consistent patterns. Humans are very familiar. HAANG can represent the inevitable parts of life (birth and death) as well as the foundational structure of Martial Arts (basic mental and physical aspects)


BYUN represents change. The unexpected elements in our lives that occuror the variety that we pursue are examples of BYUN. We tend to seek outchange because without it life can be boring. An example is trying out all sorts of different hobbies or sports. The downside of excessive BYUN is that learning is more superficial. We become good at many things but masters of none. Even within Martial Arts, leaning too much on Byun can actually delay progress. It can be tempting to do sparring one day, Kigong the next, pad kicking the next, and so forth, instead of choosing one aspect and discovering subtle ways to improve on it.

The ideal combination is harmony (Taeguk) of both HAANG and BYUN. With true concentration and sincerity, one can find BYUN within HAANG. Even what seems routine often time is not if one observescarefully. No two sunsets are the same. No two snowflakes are identical. Every martial arts class is different if you increase your level of awareness.

— Written by Master Sung K Yoo
    Edited by Hyun Sa Myung Duk (Drew Vanover) and Chun Shim (Carlos Stern)

Masters Bio

Taekwondo Master Yoo

Grand Master Sung Keun Yoo

  • 7th Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do
  • 4th Degree Blackbelt in Hapkido
  • 4th Degree Blackbelt in Kum Ye Do (Swordsmanship)
  • 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Judo
  • Graduate of Yong In University, Korea (major in Tae Kwon Do and Physical Education)
  • Korean Tigers Demonstration Team and Self Defense Coach
  • World Tae Kwon Do Championships, Demonstration Coach 1993 Madison Square Garden

Master Kwang Tae Kim

  • 5th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do.

Master Kim is a graduate of Kei Myung University, South Korea and was a member of their demonstration team. He regularly competes internationally and has won Tournament Champion.


Master Drew Vanover

  • 5th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do
  • 4th degree black belt – Kum Ye Do

He is a two time Hong-Ik Tournament Champion and New York State Champion. Most recently he earned the 2011 Bronze medal at the US Open. He is a World Tae Kwon Do Federation certified Master with over 15 years teaching experience.


Master Joe Lipman

  • 4th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do

Master Joe has continued his training at the Yong-In University Sparring Team Training in South Korea. He regularly competes in National and State tournaments and holds a bronze medal in the Yong-In University Presidential Cup.

Master Patrick Malonso

Master Patrick Malonso

  • 5th degree black belt – Taekwondo
  • Master Patrick has continued his training at the Yong-In University Sparring Team training in South Korea. He regularly competes in National and State tournaments and holds a Gold medal in the Yong In University Presidental Cup.