Martial Arts and My Life Sticky

Taekwondo for my life

My experience in Taekwondo started in college. I was on the Jr. Varsity tennis team at Binghamton University. The tennis season was short due to the cold weather, and I was looking for a way to stay in shape during the off-season. One day I jogged by a Taekwondo school about a mile from campus. I walked in, signed up and loved it.
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Red/Black Belt Curriculum Sticky


Assignment: Describe in detail your opinion on how you can compare the Red/Black Belt principle of Conquering to Tae Kwon Do training.

The dictionary defines the word conquer as achieving mastery or being victorious.In the curriculum study guide, the analogy of the mountain is used to provide insight into the principle of conquering. It asks, “What does the mountain mean to you?” Read more about Red/Black Belt Curriculum

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2014 HIMAF Champions Sticky

Taekwondo 2014 HIMAF Champion

Grand Champion

Breaking: Addam Matari
Form: Sofia Pak


Children Yellow – Blue Belt: Sebastian (Fair Lawn)
Children Purple – Bodan Belt: Ariella (Tarrytown)
Children Black Belt: Sofia (New Rochelle)
All Adults: Lucia (Fair Lawn)
Family: Oh (Tarrytown)
Team: White Tiger (Greenwich) Read more about 2014 HIMAF Champions

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Taekwondo | Learning Martial Arts


Taekwondo is a form of martial arts that originated in Korea. However, with the passage of time and the high rise in the popularity of this sport, USA and Canada could not stay away from this interesting sport. Taekwondo combines self-defense and combat with sport and fitness. It not only teaches self-defense but also teaches discipline, patience, self-confidence, importance of focus and respecting the teacher. Read more about Taekwondo | Learning Martial Arts

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Martial Arts Fair Lawn | Learn Self Defense Tactics

Martial Arts Fair Lawn

There are bunches of benefits of learning martial arts. You might not want your children to fight, however it is generally great to know they can protect themselves. Between wrongdoing and the overall advanced subject of harassing, self protection is a crucial expertise. Taking in martial arts Fair Lawn is also beneficial for grown-ups, additionally a route for youthful youngsters to stay fit and healthy. For some individuals, martial arts is considered something bad, however like anything that can be used for good. Read more about Martial Arts Fair Lawn | Learn Self Defense Tactics

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