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Hardest Working Students Sticky


On March 14th a special event - Hardest Working Students –– was held at Yoo’s Martial Arts in Fairlawn. Out of the entire class of peewees (4 - 7 year olds), eight were selected to participate in a special event along with their parents and special guest friends. The event gave these students an opportunity to shine and demonstrate their progress and unique skills developed throughout the year. Read more about Hardest Working Students

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Hong-Ik Marital Arts Festival Sticky


Master Yoo, Master Kim, and Master Joe have taught me and my son about perseverance, hard work and focus. These qualities can take you to places you never dreamed of. We train weekly and this has created a special bond between me and my son. Therefore, being chosen as the Grand Champion of the 6th Annual Hong-Ik Marital Arts Festival was a great honor for both of us.

We would like to thank all the Masters, teachers, competitors and parents for supporting this wonderful event. Read more about Hong-Ik Marital Arts Festival

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2015 Black Belt Test Sticky


2015 Black Belt Test

Black Belt Candidates Information

Candidates Orientation: Thursday, 04/02/2015

Time: 7:10-7:50PM

Attend 7 Hours of practice sessions (DO NOT MISS!)

4/25 12:30-2:00PM 5/01 7:40PM-9:00PM
5/02 12:30-3:00PM 5/08 7:40PM-9:30PM

Outdoor Test: Sunday, 05/03/2015 at 6:30AM

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-Welcome Master Suin Jo and Yejin Sung- Sticky


We would like to welcome Master Suin Jo and Yejin Sung , who will arrive from Korea soon.
They will stay with us for three months and sharing with us their high-level techniques.
Yejin Sung is a student of Kei Myung University and is member of University Poomse competition Team.
Suin Jo is a student of Kei Myung University and was Memebr of her high school Sparring Team.
We are very lucky to have them with us and encourage you to greet and welcome them at the Dojang when you see them.! Read more about -Welcome Master Suin Jo and Yejin Sung-

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